About Satyameva

Satyameva explores India’s future as a civilization and a nation against the backdrop of a resurgent Indian nationalism, circa 2019. The dominant liberal, secular and leftist narratives that have shaped India since Independence are beginning to fall apart at the seams while a new kind of Hindu narrative seems to be emerging across the Indian political and social landscape.

The 2019 general elections marked a watershed in contemporary Indian politics with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, an overtly Hindu nationalist leader, being returned to power with an overwhelming mandate. This is a critical and defining period for India, and the next five years will be deeply significant in determining India’s future course, as a nation and as a civilization.

Satyameva begins its work with a clearly defined agenda for the next five years:

  • To explore and explain Indianness and Indian nationalism from a deeper dharmic perspective that transcends religion and politics;
  • To explain Hinduism scientifically, without apology or dilution;
  • To curate, collate and present writings and conversations from other websites and publications that are working along similar lines for an Indian civilizational resurgence. We want to help in creating a global platform for bringing together all such forces in a deeper and wider collaboration.

You are welcome to contribute to our efforts and help us consolidate this initiative. Our main job is to find and present facts and leave it to the reader to judge and decide. If truth can be felt and expressed as it is, nothing more is needed — no violence of thought or expression, no proselytizing, no coercing. Truth is sufficient unto itself.

Satyameva is a Sanskrit phrase meaning Truth alone.