Auromir Foundation

The Auromir Foundation, established in 2017, is an integral learning and research initiative founded by a team of educators inspired by the work and vision of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

The objective of the Auromir Foundation is to disseminate the principles and practices of integral learning and living through education and mass communication.

The Satyameva mass communication platform is an Auromir Foundation initiative towards building a platform for an integral national resurgence which can serve as a firm basis, an adhara, for a new India that can live and celebrate its highest dharma in all aspects of its collective existence.

Auromir is also running an integrated community development project for women and children of migrant labor in the Chandigarh tricity region based on integral learning and health practices. This project, while focusing on integral learning and skills development for women and children, works simultaneously on the entire ecosystem around the women and children and includes adult orientation to health and hygiene, education, vocational training and waste management. The project is supported by volunteers from all over the country and abroad.