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We believe India needs to take a position of inner strength and leadership in the emerging future of the world. India has always been a source of wisdom and a higher Light to all humanity. The quest for Truth, Knowledge and Freedom has always been India’s deepest preoccupation, her most abiding dharma. It is this abiding or sanatana dharma that India needs once again to recover, first for herself, and then for the rest of the world.

This, we believe, is the work of the future. To restore, in a global context, the integral Wisdom and Light of India across all domains: the sciences, technology, politics, economics, law, education and everything else that matters in the life of humanity; to infuse the Spirit in all that humans do and dream of doing, and to help in creating a spiritually luminous future for humanity.

There are already a good number of people who have offered their life and resources to bring momentum to this Work, but more participation is required to hasten its pace. For this, we need many more awakened beings and a lot more resources to initiate, grow and sustain many more projects across all domains, and make this inner revolution a reality.

Our organization is one amongst the many dedicated to working in this space and we would like to invite you to be a part of this great journey, this work of nation building.

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