Exploring the Evolution of Human Consciousness through Sanatan Dharma

The Satyameva Dialogues

[The Satyameva Dialogues consists of a series of recorded and transcribed conversations between Shri Manu and Acharya Nirankar. Acharya Nirankar is a practitioner and teacher of Vedanta; Shri Manu likes…

Sanatan Dharma and Hinduism

Sanatan Dharma and Hinduism are NOT the same things. I have been observing that the words Sanatan Dharma and  Hinduism are used by many well-intentioned writers and bloggers almost interchangeably. And while I am…

Ahimsa and Self-Realization

Violence is the most extreme form of egoism while love is its anti-thesis. Human suffering seems rooted in the identification with our separative, egoistic consciousness and the consequent desire to…

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