To create an enlightened and effective leadership for a new India, a leadership capable of understanding and living the true spirit and character of India in personal, professional and public life.  

Sri Aurobindo

70 years after independence, we are still colonized in mind and spirit. For decades, the Indian youth have been brought up on secondhand ideas and ideals imported from the west, and the Indian schooling and university system has kept them almost entirely ignorant of everything that is truly and deeply Indian. As a nation, we have collectively failed to evolve either a truly Indian national character or an inspiring Indian leadership. 

The core of both these issues, the lack of character and leadership, is education. It is education that must become the prime focus of new India. The education that we give to our children and youth will determine India’s destiny in the years to come. We need an education that focuses on growth of consciousness and human excellence, an education that fosters the spirit of self-enquiry and leads the mind and heart towards self-realization and self-mastery. Such an education will build and nurture inspiring leadership. 

This cannot be achieved in our lifetime. At best, we can only initiate the process. We can plant the seeds of a future leadership. The fruits will be borne in the generations to come.