The Myth of a Hindu Way of Thinking

Pariksith Singh

Hinduism is a myth. There is no religion such as Hinduism at least in the way we understand religion. It does not have one prophet, set of unchanging beliefs or rituals, a single scripture, or any mandatory requirement. In fact, the word Hindu was used by Persians for the people who lived about the Sindhu or Indus river. If that is true, then it is only a local or regional tag.

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Let Me Help You, Thol!

Pariksith Singh

Thol Thirumavalavan,

I seek to respond to your diatribes against Sanatana Dharma on twitter lately and, perhaps, assist you in your mission. I am very sympathetic to your self-avowed goal to destroy it. See, this is the secret! The more you strip away all the accretions that have gathered over Sanatana Dharma, the more you strengthen it.

I hope that those who seek to live Sanatana Dharma in its truest and intensest light are inspired by you to drop any falsehood that they might have accepted consciously or unconsciously over the years. To purify their hearts and souls of any darkness or ill will.

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Perspective on Vedanta

Maria Wirth

This is a translation of my very first article which I wrote in 1981. I had sent it to a German magazine which I used to read during my psychology studies. They published it and later, two more magazines reprinted it. I was asked to keep sending articles. It helped me to stay in India…

“Will you still be able to fit in with us in the West?” asked my sister in a letter (in 1981). I had shared with her some thoughts about life and death with which I had become familiar in India and which I felt made sense. Her question reminded me of what I had almost forgotten, after staying in India for about a year: how life is seen in the West...

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Convocation Address at Indian Institute of Technology, Madras To Humanities and Social Sciences Graduands

30 September 2019 IIT-Madras, Chennai, By Makarand Paranjape

Makarand R. Paranjape is an Indian author, poet, and humanities professor. He has been the Director of the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla since August 2018. Prior to that he was a professor at the Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi, India for 19 years.

Commencement speeches constitute a relatively new and not altogether significant genre of public eloquence in India. But in other countries such as the United States they are a big deal. This year’s commencement speakers included journalist and author Fareed Zakaria at Ohio State University; businessman, politician, and philanthropist Michael Bloomberg at MIT; Apple CEO Tim Cook at Tulane; TV star Oprah Winfrey at Colorado College; and Angela Merkel at Harvard. Commencement speeches by Steve Jobs, Bill & Melinda Gates (at Stanford) or J. K. Rowling (at Harvard), to name just a few, are famous and cited the world over....

When God Listens

Pariksith Singh, MD. on the Kashmir Question

There is nothing more traumatic than losing your home. Especially if it is justified by your leaders. If it is forced by threats to murder your family, rape your women, abduct your children. If it is done from institutions in your neighborhood at the time of prayer from loudspeakers blaring from all sides. If religion is used to incite violence and anger against your family by your own neighbors, people you grew up with. If it is buried by the highest judiciary of your own land. If you are a refugee in your own country, rejected by two majorities, the one in your state and the other in your country.

They are not connected. They own no media platforms. They are mute spectators of their own depredation....

Is God Really Listening?

Mugdha Misri

I left Kashmir in March 1991, thinking that I would be back home in a couple of months. My sister and I packed one suitcase between the two of us to go to Delhi. I was very young and very naive. My sister was a kid in school. No one dissuaded us to the contrary — our parents let us believe that everything would be normal in a few months and we would be able to resume our lives as we knew it.

It’s been over 28 years since. Our parents also left, as did thousands of others. I haven’t been back home in all these years and neither have thousands of others. Can’t imagine going there as a tourist — my whole being rebels at the thought. We sold the house that my parents built as we did my paternal and maternal homes....

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