Pseudologia Fantastica


Pseudologia Fantastica

“It is true, O Rama, that the study of the scriptures is not the cause for the attainment of self-knowledge. Scriptures are composed of diverse expressions; the supreme being is indescribable” explained Rishi Vashisht to Shri Ram, as the 16-year-old seeker sat at his Guru’s feet for his journey to enlightenment.

The Guru then goes on to say that the realization of Brahman is beyond description. That is why it cannot be found in the teachings of scriptures. However, he says that the precepts of scriptures and their practice create conditions for a sattvic or pure mind, which Rishi Vashist still calls “sattvika part of ignorance.

Sattvik is the purity of mind, but within the realm of spiritual ignorance nevertheless. Tamasik is the dull part of ignorance. Sattvik destroys that. In that action of moving from the dull side of ignorance to ignorance harbored by a pure mind, one is readied to move on to the spiritual path. A path that will eventually take one to the complete realization.

A spiritual path in the Dharmic traditions, therefore, has always been more than just scriptures. For scriptures have a limitation – the curse of interpretation. By the mind that reads it.

You see, no book is ever greater than the reader. The reader’s interpretation is what any writer’s work becomes.

What Shri Ram attained to in his life was far beyond scriptures. His name, his energy, and his life left an imprint on the ether and the planet that we breathe in and walk upon. His presence, if tapped into, has the ability to transform life energies. When Nanak sang “टेक एक रघुनाथ” (Ram is the only support) that was exactly the dimension that he was referring to.

The world of today is being interpreted by minds that are not just ignorant. But vile.

They have no remorse nor guilt. They will readily fabricate lies backed by their own conscience. Or so they think. It is up to each one of us to seek the truth. At least intensify the effort to do so. Wading through the murky waters of falsehoods.


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