The Aspect of Mahasarasvati

-October 29, 2020


The Aspect of Mahasarasvati

Mahasarasvati is perfection in action, at the most granular level. The extreme detail and microscopic accuracy with which the atom is held together. With which quantum interactions occur in the Universe.

With which the cells of our bodies function. And how each cell synergizes with other cells, in minuscule countless interactions each moment, to ensure that our entire body is functioning as one coherent system.

Each cell working in the tissue and the organ system, and each organ system combining with other organ systems, for example, the circulatory system working closely with the respiratory, nervous and endocrine systems.

Could our best systems reach such intricacy, attention to detail and perfection in living entities across the globe in millions of species? The best Chief Operating Officer at a Fortune 500 company would like to emulate this action.

Our body is completely autonomous as a fully functional ecosystem where each tissue covers for the other. The skin keeps the inside tissue safe. The skeleton holds the internal organs and limbs together and gives them a dynamic scaffolding. The red cells carry oxygen from the lungs to each cell, each moment. The white cells swallow and destroy all invaders. The platelets plug and seal any breaks in the lining of the arteries or membranes or skin. The heart pumps the red blood and white blood cells and platelets through an intricate network of arteries through the corpus. And the muscles contract and relax to ensure that the lungs get the oxygen they need to pass on to red blood cells.

The mouth chews and swallows. The food pipe takes it to the stomach. The stomach breaks it down with acid. The liver produces bile to digest it; the pancreas releases enzymes into the intestine. The small intestine absorbs the broken-down nutrients. The colon draws water. The rectum holds and evacuates. And the liver as factory cleans the blood and processes all the nutrients absorbed. And the kidneys excrete the waste.

And the eyes see. And ears hear. The tongue tastes with the help of the nervous system. And we can go on and on describing the fabulous arrangement and management of this fully independent active living entity, that is you and I.

This is the perfection of Mahasarasvati. And we have not even scratched the surface of this Mahasystem. There are systems within systems, ecosystems within ecosystems, each interlinked, interdependent, enhancing the other, in a vast supersystem. And we barely begin to glimpse the minutiae with which she works when we study the infinite knowledge the cosmos provides. At every level, every scale, every detail.

She is here, working out with immeasurable patience, with the surgical precision of a surgeon, with the plier of a mechanic building a satellite, with the brush of a painter creating works of great art, with the pen of a student elaborating what he has learnt with years of labor. Those who love detail and particular attention adore her and emulate the perfection that she sets up in everything she does.

Pure, sacred, noble, the patient Mother that smiles over our difficulties and addresses the smallest need of the devotee. The smallest bindu in this vast universe does not escape her, even an electron in her elaborate consistency and method. Never looking down upon our littleness, she inspires us to create great cities and supercomputers and aircrafts and nanotechnology and mastery of the arts and humanities and sciences.

To her we turn as we seek to achieve mastery over our subjects, and eventually ourselves, as students, as technicians, as professionals, as yogis. To ensure that whatever we do does not fail and abides. To make our smallest attempt a worship to her infinite being. To know that when we work on the smallest dot with her Force, we transform the Universe.

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